Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

WebTov is your best choice for SEO (search engine optimization)! Our experience and overwhelming successes in achieving top organic rankings for our clients makes us a proven asset for companies wishing to reach high positions in major search engines like Yahoo, MSN, and Google.
Getting your site indexed is not enough. In order to benefit from the wealth of traffic being delivered by search engines, websites need to occupy top ten rankings, preferably top five, and of course even better; Number One! Achieving top rankings in the SERPs is not always easy. Over a hundred factors determine websites' rankings in Google alone. Unfortunately there is no easy trick or push of a button that can guarantee top rankings for a sustainable period of time. Long term success through search engine optimization is based on a healthy strategy that utilizes a variety of techniques including: on page optimization, SMM (social media marketing), content optimization and promotion, and link building.
We Deliver Results Through Advanced SEO Techniques
  • Code: Using SEF (search engine friendly) code and optimized tags to improve visibility.
  • Content: Developing "link worthy" content that is optimized for SERPs.
  • Links: Building authority through link equity organically.
  • Site Structure: Optimizing navigation and site architecture for"crawlability" and "priority".
  • Research and Analytics: Understanding and learning from traffic and competition.
Ranking in all three major search engines as well as secondary smaller search engines requires a lot of skilled work from knowledgeable professionals like us who have successfully done it before in a variety of verticals for a vast number of keywords. We develop and implement custom SEO campaigns based on targets, competition, and overall business goals . Contact us today to discuss search engine optimization from the leaders in Israel SEO!

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